Press Conferences

To effectively determine which marketing strategies would suit your firm best in order to grow into a larger organization

Expertise at T.I.C has always supported the concept of approaching events with distinct thinking
and creativity; whether we talk about corporate launches or press conferences. Over the years,
professionals at T.I.C have mastered the art of management of any genre of event.

A press conference involves participation of various executives and delegates of the company
who decide various plan of actions and how actions are to be implemented. It’s a tool through
which news regarding the company is shared with the public. It primarily focuses on hard issues
facing the company and what steps the firm may take in order to acquire a better place in the
market. Press releases, interviews, and informal media contacts are excellent ways of getting the
company’s message delivered across to the public. All these ways of publicizing the company
are vital to maintain media relations. A press conference may be conducted by a company for
really fantastic occasions, for example, when an organization may be coming up with something
really innovative or launching a product or service which hasn’t been heard of before. It’s an
additional media technique that may be chosen by a firm to cast the impression of its services
and products on the public. T.I.C has conducted various press conferences over the years which
have helped various clients gain brand recognition in the market.