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Unprecedented Live Events and Artist Management

The year 2004 proved everyone what T.I.C. is capable of when we managed the Olympic Torch Relay event. It required us to setup the entire 30-km-long relay route for a reputed international event of such a scale within one night. And we successfully achieved what seemed rather impossible. And since then, we have never looked back and recently we won EEMAX award for our outstanding effort in managing the live event of Tata Motors T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship. All said, it is imperative to bring to fore that we do not rely only on exorbitant budget; moreover, we excel with artist management and live events due to our expertise and talented team that put in everything to ensure success of the events.

Why choose T.I.C.

It is a fact that we have catered to an extraordinary client base and have gained rich experience from live events and artist management for our clientele. But is also equally true that we strive to grow continually and build experiences that are much better than our previous effort. And this is what keep us motivated and on the toe to take on any challenge. We are dedicated towards excellence and it is something that definitely makes us your best choice for live events and artist management.