T.I.C Organized Nissan Terrano Mall Activity in 4 metro cities

T.I.C Organized Nissan Terrano Mall Activity in 4 metro cities

New Delhi, 27th August 2014:  T.I.C has recently conceptualized and managed Nissan Terrano’s Mall Promotions in 4 metro cities including Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The challenge for T.I.C was to create an event that can highlight powerful presence which Nissan Terrano symbolizes. The idea was to attract customers to the demo booth through a very engaging activity and creating an unmatched “touch and feel” experience of the Terrano. With this objective in mind, the company has chosen high-end malls for promotions, where a stage was set up with Nissan Terrano at prominent display locations. Large LED walls were created as backdrop for the car which ran images of locations encompassing exotic destinations where one could drive with Terrano.  The images also formed the image for the backdrop against which the visitors would click images of themselves with the car.

Apart from this the company is running a Facebook campaign where visitors are asked to fill an information form and an invite is given to them to experience the car with the Test Drive at the dealership. After visitors have seen the car, they would need to hand over the paper placard where they have written their feeling about Powerful Presence that Terrano stands for.  Then a picture will be clicked there itself and will be posted on Nissan Terrano Facebook page. The visitors can also tag himself/herself on that page.

The idea was a huge success with lots of footfalls and online amplification of online campaign.

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