Yamaha Gladiator Launch

The Challenges:

  • Securing hoardings close to arterial roads across 100 cities and peel branding daily on these hoardings to reveal the countdown to the launch was a formidable challenge.
  • The idea was to build a 40 ft high stage adjacent to these hoardings and holding amplified band performances on these stages so that the passersby on the roads adjacent to the hoardings actually experience the band performance.
  • The launch was planned with flash concerts across 100 cities by revealing a 40-ft high complete setup including lights, sound, trusses, video screens and backdrop within 30 seconds to produce the surprise flash concert effect.
  • Since the event was a flash concert, ensuring a good audience was imperative as only the name of the band/artist was revealed to generate curiosity and the venue date and time for the concert was not revealed in advance.

Pre teaser

  • A 7 day activity across all cities simultaneously
  • Live hoardings positioned at already existing hoarding spaces across the country. (Hi-Traffic Locations)
  • The visuals on the hoardings highlight the brand communication, which is stickered on the hoardings.
  • These Stickers are removed each day to reveal the visual of the motor cycle. On the last day of the capsule, various parts of the motor cycle are highlighted in the process.
  • A Scaffold Platform is created in front of the hoarding .
  • The Platform has a set of live musicians playing rock numbers.
  • The Live Performances are staged at Peak morning and evening hours.

Press Conference:

  • The dealer launch was held in Goa with almost 1000 dealers being taken to Goa
  • The press launch was conducted in an innovative manner to convey the message ”Life Rocks” by choosing discotheques over conventional banquet halls for the press launches.
  • The Press is invited to a Pub at the Plaza and greeted by the company CEO dressed in trendy rock attire.
  • The Amphitheatre comes alive with a stage and huge branding scrolls form the backdrop to the concert.
  • Tie up with a cell phone service provider in order to send out flash messages earlier in the day informing the public of a flash concert with Yamaha.
  • Audiences from across the city come together at the plaza to witness the concert and experience the magic.

The Impact:

  • A first of its kind integrated campaign involving all media including flash concerts across cities was pulled off that created a huge buzz around the brand
  • Spin-off PR angles were planted apart from the usual automobile beat e.g. latest dressing trends among corporate heads taking the example of Yamaha CEO and the “rock star” launch to generate additional mileage
  • Mileage equivalent to crores of rupees of advertising was generated for the client at a fraction of the cost
  • Client’s core message of “Life Rocks” associated with the product was aptly conveyed to the TG on a grand scale through the teaser band performances and the flash concerts for the launch
  • Exponential growth in product sales achieved post the campaign as the messages across all communication platforms culminated and converged to reach out to the TG
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    Yamaha Gladiator Launch
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