Wella Fashion Show


Wella International is considered like the Olympics amongst the Hairstylists across the world. Every year close to 55 plus countries send in participants for the same after conducting the same at a national level in their own countries. In 2007, India was looking to send a candidate from the country to participate in the International competition. Being the 1st year, the expectations were to have best candidate as well have a grand event.

Expectations from T.I.C.:

  • To organize event based on international concept.
  • Arrange models that would be ready to get their hair radically coloured or cut, which was quite a task as at that time, the fashion had its own limitations and this was quite a challenge itself.
  • Since International stylists were travelling to India, the venue needs to be high in standards
  • Create a brand awareness for Wella being a product of P& G (they acquired them)

 T.I.C. Deliverables:

  • First time in India, a competition for hairstylist was organized.
  • Small venues were arranged for auditions
  • AV screens with live relays were introduced. These coverage from 4 cities were prepared as a AV and showcased at the main event
  • A grand set was arranged where the main awards ceremony needs to take place.
  • They also want to make an AV of the total event, wherein there is Candid camera coverage from the May Sessions to the competition to the main awards etc.
  • Project Name
    Wella Fashion show
  • Client Name
    Wella (P&G)
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Product launch and Press Conference