TATA Ultra launch


To invite & gather Press & Dealers with the main objective of announcing the launch of the Ultra (ICV & LCV) by TATA MOTORS in the presence of Media. Also to invite the dealers for the Ultra launch and showcase the manner in which Ultra, as a product, will change the future of Trucking.

T.I.C. Deliverables:

  •  T.I.C. was able to execute this event and exceed the expectations of the client. The event was held in two phases (Press Meet in the Morning & Dealers’ Meet in the evening). A One-and–a-half hour event was planned. The event started with the lamp lighting and then the Tamil anthem, with the welcome speech by Mr. Ramakrishnan and Mr. Ravi Pisharody.
  • To give an exclusive experience, T.I.C. suggested the 3D product launch film. The audiences were given special 3d viewing glasses for experiencing the technology used in making and projecting the 3d film. The audiences were enthralled with the entire experience.
  • The TATA Ultra truck was parked outside the venue and was covered with a satin cloth. During the press conference, it was revealed to media, which created a great photo opportunity for TATA Motors. This was followed by the dealers meet and dinner in the evening.
  • During the event there was enthralling laser show as well as Cultural performances.
  • The event was well planned from the start till the end (keeping the key pointers in mind including the distribution of the 3D glasses to the Media and Dealers and unveiling of the products (2 trucks) {Ribbon cutting, cabin cover removal and confetti blast}).
  • The 3D glasses were distributed to the TG in advance to view the film by a group of 10 promoters.


T.I.C. work was much appreciated by the client and they were very happy with the entire experience.

  • Project Name
    TATA Ultra launch
  • Client Name
    TATA Motors
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Product launch and Press Conference