TATA Motors “Dream It to Win it” School Activity

To proliferate and build TATA’s School range – buses brand value and sales.

Cities covered:
50 to 100 Schools per region (taluka, district and city) were covered. Cities including Indore, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, and more

T.I.C. Delivered:

    • Keeping the objective of TATA Motors in mind, T.I.C. came up with a brilliant idea– “Dream it To Win It”
    • Concept was to create a huge event in which TATA Motors can directly and indirectly target all the concerned persons associated with the product to achieve desired objective.
    • Target group was segmented into three categories i.e. school children, parents and school authorities. Since we were promoting school range buses of TATA, most of the activities revolved around school and school children with “school buses” playing a crucial role.
    • Pre event hype created using different media engines, local cable operators, posters, leaflets, promoters and more.
    • To reiterate the Safety and Environment friendly aspect of TATA School buses, students were asked to base all the activities on the following topics: Safety – Rules and regulations of being safe while on the road, necessity of following the rules etc. Environment – Future of our planet, taking care of our planet for the future generations, “Going Green”.
    • There were 4 different activities where children could participate: Painting – For students in the primary section, Craft – For students in the primary section, Poem – For students in the high school and Essay Writing – For Students in the high school. The school picked the best 5 entries as official entries for the All India Competition and winners were selected by the Judges who were subject experts.
    • During the event, the entire premise of the school was branded with “TATA School Dream it to Win it” & TATA Motors School Bus range (branding: Arch Gate, registration, branding Panels, hoardings, signages and drop downs etc.
    • The venue was given a Carnival feel & was decorated with vibrant and colorful attire, stilt walkers, jugglers, unicyclist etc. to add Fun & Masti to the whole event. There were Food Stalls, Game Stalls etc. for the Students, Teachers and Parents.
    • For the activity T.I.C. contacted more than 2000 schools and activity carried out all across India.
    • Starting from Registration letter to felicitation, conceptualization of event to designing the certificates to presenting the gifts, T.I.C. organized this event successfully without a single error.
    • In the entire course the initiative taken by TATA Motors got mileage by highlighting the USPs of the entire bus & vans range through branding on all the leaflets/Brochures/covering letter to school authorities / (Essay Writing/Painting competition on My Dream school bus); even the Performances and Quiz had a connect with TATA Motors school Bus & Vans range & revolved around the Road safety measures and adhering to Transport rules & regulations.



Praises from client for meeting the desired objective.

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    TATA Motors School Activity
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    TATA Motors
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