TATA Novus Launch

• With Novus launch, TATA Motors became the first Indian manufacturer to introduce 300 horsepower (220 kW) heavy commercial vehicles in India. So the launch event was expected the same grandeur and impactful presentation for this first-ever revealing in the country.

• This was TATA group’s first vehicle to be launched after acquisition of Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company so an impactful event was expected.

T.I.C. Delivered:
• T.I.C. suggested ‘Building the Nation’ theme which talked about how TATA brought all the cultures together with its commercial vehicles.

• A Rock show was planned and executed which showcased the entire history of TATA Motors’ trucks through a musical journey, highlighting how TATA Motors bonded the nation together with its heavy commercial vehicles. The brand story was told through the various cultural presentations.

• It was one of its own kinds of event where a serious product was shown in such a light and easy to understand manner.
• T.I.C. became a trusted partner for TATA Motors for all their prestigious events.

  • Project Name
    TATA Novus Launch
  • Client Name
    TATA Motors
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Products / Services launch