TATA Motors Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles Customer Meet


Keeping in mind that TATA Motors has always been the first in introducing innovative products and solutions for the Transport industry (be it for transporters, drivers & fleet owners or partners like TATA Motors was the first to introduce 4 years warranty in the sector)

T.I.C. Deliverables:

  • The brand promise of TATA  Motors – “Ek Kadam Aagey” – was brought to life by T.I.C. by building the event concept around this tagline
  • The multi-city event series was carried out smoothly in every city.
  • New range of TATA Medium &Heavy Commercial Vehicles and TATA Fleet man Service Demo was displayed at the event.
  • Famous dance troupe – Prince Group performed live and enthralled the audience.


Client appreciated the way T.I.C. executed the event in all the cities.

  • Project Name
    TATA Motors Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles
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    TATA Motors
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