TATA Motors Dealers Meet in Beijing


Dealer Conference Incentive Trip around 350 Guests (including 250 Dealers, 100 spouses, 2 VIP) and Award distribution

T.I.C. Deliverables:

  • The event took place before the Beijing Olympic Games
  • T.I.C. organized Gala Dinner at the Juyongguan part of Great Wall, next to the tower Lights on the Great Wall and the Tower by Great Wall contact itself
  • Opening performance of the night was dramatic Chinese traditional drum performance Chinese Sword Kung Fu Dance, which enthralled the audience.
  • One of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Great Wall of China was used as a backdrop to the stage set up. It lit up as the musicians performed lighting up the entire atmosphere along with it.
  • T.I.C. organized sightseeing tours for the guests which included VIP tours as well.
  • Starting from the conceptualization the event idea to post implementation stage, T.I.C. managed everything.
  • Event was Before opening of, so getting permission due to media sensitive, getting that logo on Great wall of China was challenge.
  • Since it was rainy season so this also has to be kept in mind so T.I.C. arranged water proof hangar with no backdrop so that view should not get hampered and light-up could happen.


Dealers were mesmerized when wall was lightened up slowly.

  • Project Name
    Tata Motors Dealers' Meet Beijing
  • Client Name
    Tata Motors
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Mice - Travel