TATA Iris Activations all across India

The newly launched TATA IRIS was looking forward to a comprehensive activation and road show campaign to reach out to lakhs of people at the grass roots level and encourage them to invest in buying a TATA Iris instead of an auto-rickshaw in order to earn their livelihood.

The Challenges:

  • Create a format that was interactive and appealed to the target audience
  • Influence the TG to spend their life savings in buying an IRIS and earn their livelihood
  • Ensure that the product features are appealingly conveyed to the TG
  • Cover interior areas of India making in-roads into villages to connect with the TG

The Solution:

  • For the first time in India, an interactive 3D character was created to interact with the TG
  • The character was created in the form of an IRIS
  • Interaction was live, impromptu, spontaneous and not pre-recorded, thus generating a lot of curiosity among the local population
  • The character conversed in the respective regional language with its TG, thus becoming more convincing for the TG and was able to effectively communicate the product features to the TG
  • 5 to 10 floats toured India across villages and towns and covered hundreds of towns and districts over two months
  • The event drastically increased product sales for the client.

The Impact:

  • Product sales increased 10-fold after the activity
  • Demand overshot supply for an initially unknown product in a price sensitive market
  • A first of its kind technology was used to communicate with the grass roots level population without overwhelming them by the use of the technology


  • Project Name
    TATA Iris Activations
  • Client Name
    TATA Motors
  • Industry Name
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