TATA Motors Ace Reaching 1 Million Customers


The TATA Ace, fondly known as the CHHOTA HAATHI, had reached a huge milestone – its ONE MILLIONTH CUSTOMER! This achievement called for a celebration through an event that matched the repute of the brand TATA and reflected the magnitude of the TATA Ace One Million milestone.

T.I.C. Executed:

  • Keeping the required sanctity of the brand and the grandness of the achievement in mind, T.I.C. designed a unique event for TATA Ace one million on a turnkey basis.
  • The event entailed a grand stage that was 100 ft long x 32 ft wide. The backdrop of the stage was an equally large projection surface with 8 independent screens integrated within the master screen via projection mapping.
  • Six of these eight screens were demarcated via protrusions on the backdrop surface, thus giving a sense of depth to the visuals.
  • Each of the six screens had openings behind them that led to the backstage area for the performers to enter and exit in creative ways.
  • The projection on the backdrop was developed in the form of a completely integrated and pre-coded AV that involved speeches, videos, projection mapping and graphics incorporated seamlessly to project one consolidated audio visual impact uninterrupted in flow.
  • During the show, the TATA Ace was revealed via a sliding door in the centre of the backdrop.
  • Breathtaking projection mapping was used to outline the TATA Ace and depict various uses of the TATA Ace by this sophisticated technology.
  • The class of the event was upped a notch with the inclusion of international park-our artists who added dramatic moves with agility and poise to supplement the TATA Ace story.
  • A customized performance in LED costumes by the Terence Lewis Dance Company Ltd on a especially composed song for the TATA Ace added another dimension of celebration to the event.


  • The event saw the felicitation of the very first TATA Ace and TATA Magic customers, which was a special moment for everyone in the audience.
  • Thus, using a very clean setup that appeared simple to the eye, combined with the latest technologies in the field of projections and projection mapping with the best quality projection systems available in India today, a memorable event was delivered by T.I.C. that matched the significance of the milestone being celebrated – The TATA ACE ONE MILLION.
  • Project Name
    Tata Motors Ace Reaching 1 Million Customers
  • Client Name
    Tata Motors
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Corporate Event