TATA Motors 8th Wonder Launch

T.I.C. Execution:

  • The “Starbus” brand was created in 2003 – TATA Motors forayed successfully into fully-built Buses [prior to this, it essentially dealt with selling Bus Chassis with external body-builders building buses on them
  • As an outcome of a JV with MarcoPolo, Brazil’s leading busy-body manufacturer and a new setup at Dharwad, Karnataka – comes the new Starbus range of TATA Motors’s buses – consolidating the brand’s identity on the attributes of styling, superior body quality, more space and being reasonably priced
  • The New Starbus Globus Classic comes as the first outcome of TATA Motors amalgamation with MarcoPolo’s bus-building technology – giving the customer a feel of travelling in a bus with an ‘international appeal

Concept by T.I.C.:

  • World-class ride comfort enables passengers of road transport to explore the outside world with a soothing eye while travelling – experiencing the feeling of pure ‘style’. With this frame of mind, we called it ‘The 8th Wonder’ – standing out in the Indian travel scenario by being at par with international standards in terms of style, spaciousness and body-manufacturing excellence
  • The thought was – When the best from 2 worlds come together – the outcome is bound to be not just the best – but a ‘wonder’ of the new world itself
  • The ‘8th Wonder’ was revealed after a ‘bus journey’ that begins with a fusion, luxury & grace – and finally looked like Wonders from various parts of the globe and finally India – culminating into revealing the ‘8th Wonder’ – the New Starbus Range
  • The audience walked in to see a stage with a backdrop with ‘Bus Windows’ and images of global tourism spots / wonders of the world
  • The ‘windows’ were fitted with Plasma Screens; the bottom had cutouts of other wonders of the world
  • There were two AV screens on either side of the stage, with large wings on each side
  • Project Name
    TATA 8th Wonder Launch
  • Client Name
    TATA Motors
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Product launch and Press Conference