Sony Vaio CR series Promotions

Objective :

  • Break away from the normal perception of a laptop as a colourless work entity.
  • Give the target audience a touch and feel of the product
  • Build an environment where they interact with the product in a fun way with friends
  • Give them an opportunity to enhance their image while using the product so they associate it with style and expression
  • Leave them with a memory of fun and sense of expectancy and reward

T.I.C. Delivered:

  • Created unique software called the Sony “Funk Radar, Colour me Wild” that allowed people to change their look, in a picture, by adding different hairstyles and accessories to their digital picture, including the VAIO CR laptop. Photographs of the changed look were printed and given in picture frames that looked like a VAIO CR series laptop.


  • Very good response to the funk radar and to the product. Thousands of laptop booked on the stop.
  • Product was sold out midway through the promotion, causing a decrease in sale at kiosk. Fresh stocks arrived late in October.
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    Sony Vaio CR series promotions
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