Sony Dealers’ Meet Dubai

“One of Asia’s Biggest MICE and Conference Movements”

T.I.C. delivered:

T.I.C. planned and executed one of the biggest MICE movements in Asia with over 3000 delegates of Sony India being taken to Dubai for a conference in 2011. Visas, travel, boarding, lodging on single occupancy basis, conference arrangements, gala dinners and exotic entertainment for the entire contingent of 3000 delegates were successfully coordinated at an unprecedented scale.

The Challenges:

  • Arrange for accommodation for 3000 people in Dubai at A-list hotels/resorts on single occupancy basis as no one hotel had more than few hundred rooms available and all hotels were required to be in close proximity to the conference venue
  • Collect, process and dispatch 3000 passports plus visa applications with all 3000 people spread out in towns across India
  • Coordinate 3000 flight tickets across multiple carriers spread over multiple cities arriving in Dubai starting at 7 am and ending just before lunch, thus causing a challenge of dealing with early arrivals
  • Coordinate wash-and-change arrangements at hotels near the airports for those members who came to board the flight from smaller towns
  • Brief the entire contingent on what to expect in Dubai, places to see, etc.
  • Identify which members on what flights will go to which hotel on landing
  • Customize the whole MICE experience for the Sony contingent
  • Conference arrangements for seating 3000 members
  • Coordinate travel arrangements to reach the conference venue at 8 am everyday from different hotels around the conference venue
  • Allocate relationship managers round the clock across all the hotels where the contingent was staying
  • Organize a desert safari with exotic entertainment and a spectacular stage show amidst sand dunes with artists like Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan to name a few
  • Arrange for generators to run the setup and the show in the middle of the desert
  • Arrange transportation for 3000 delegates to and from the desert for the entertainment show
  • Identify an innovative location for a multimedia show for the delegation when Sony was looking for something beyond the regular multimedia show platforms
  • Departures of all 3000 members post the conference through different flights, carriers and to different arrival cities followed by domestic departures and travel arrangements to their respective towns

The Solution:

  • In spite of a big budget, the resource pool was limited and great perseverance was required
  • The experience was customized by branding the check-in counters at airports and headrest covers on flights across various airlines with the Sony logo and a special welcome message was delivered by the flight captain on board and welcome drink across different carriers served to the contingent
  • Two relationship managers per 8 hrs shift per hotel were deployed round the clock across all hotels to act as liaison with the guests
  • A total of 60 relationship managers were sourced internally and trained for round the clock deployment in shifts across all hotels
  • For the first time, special permission was sought after convincing the management of Burj Khalifa to hold a multimedia show for the first time ever
  • Move material, equipment and build a 130 ft long stage on the sand in the middle of the desert using flatbed trucks for transportation over a span of 14 days for the entertainment show
  • Close to 40 generators were sourced for the setup and running of the show in the desert from an area where generators were virtually non-existent because of 100% power reliability on supply from the government
  • Over 800 jeeps were hired i.e. 90% of the total availability of jeeps in Dubai, for the show to transport members to and from the venue
  • A memorable exotic entertainment show was executed in the middle of the desert along with a one-of-a-kind multimedia show at the Burj Khalifa

The Impact:

  • The largest MICE movement in India and one of the largest MICE movements in south-east Asia was executed.
  • Entry for this MICE was submitted to the LIMCA Book of Records for the largest MICE movement.
  • A new benchmark was set in the MICE industry in comparison with some of the biggest tour operators, whose maximum capacity for delegates is roughly 700 to 800 numbers.


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    Sony Dealers Meet Dubai
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    Mice - Travel