Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) at Auto Expo


  • To launch the Education movement ‘Diesel is Clean’ all over India and break the Myth against Diesel vehicles.
  • Sharing the present advancements, benefits and advantages in Diesel Technology with the local media, NGO’s, students, etc.
  • Educate the masses about the ‘Past and the Present Diesel Technology’
  • Involve the young generation (the future of tomorrow) in the movement.

Theme suggested by T.I.C.:

A perfect ambience to experience clean Diesel Technology

T.I.C. Deliverables:

  • T.I.C. came-up with the brilliant concept of creating a ‘Diesel City’ show, where people were friendly & happy. The city was bright, clean & the cars were diesel cars. The city was about creating a perfect ambience to experience clean Diesel Technology…an ideal environment and a vision of what the Leading Motor Giants were aiming at promoting.
  • The diesel city had regular shows that comes alive and showcases the diesel advantage in a very unique way. The USP of Diesel was showcased through a musical with 4 characters that front the show. The Diesel City was divided in 3 parts. Each part had performance with a thematic popular song followed by an AV. Three things which was focused: Diesel History, How Diesel Engine Works, Diesel Advantage.
  • There were performances on a song that set the tone and ambience of the event and revealed the Diesel Fuel Story. The Diesel City Happy Family then sang the song for the audience, creating an interactive setting.
  • Diesel Technology & Environment and Habitat.  During this theme, the entire stand changed into a celebration performance, dancers appeared in butterfly costumes in vibrant colours and family performed with the dancers again to communicate the message – Technology of Diesel is Magical. Its magic creates harmony with nature and habitat with its fuel economy, mileage.
  • Future of Diesel  – A hi-tech theme was created by T.I.C.. Dancers appeared in silver body suits and sunglasses. Again the Diesel City Happy Family performed with the dancers to communicate the message – The future of Diesel Fuel : Bio Diesel Fuel, Hi-tech engines.
  • The logo was also created by T.I.C. which symbolized everything that Diesel City stands for. From the cityscape in the background to the colours in Diesel City, the green for the environment and the Drop of Oil in the first ‘I’ depicted that one pure Drop of Diesel, as it surely carries its weight in Gold with opportunities galore.
  • There were Panels and the Diesel Museum that depicted the history, process and virtues of using Diesel as fuel.


  • Educated the masses about the past and present of Diesel technology
  • Diesel City show influenced the diesel vehicle purchases by people.
  • High recall value (through branded giveaways like books, t-shirts, caps and pens)
  • Was awarded with WoW award in the exhibition


  • Project Name
    Siam Diesel city
  • Client Name
    Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
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