Shell Hazira Plant launch

Two years after the project construction showcase at Shell’s Hazira LNG Storage Terminal, the construction work at the storage site was complete and ready to be unveiled to the media and dignitaries along with the ship carrying the LNG for the terminals. The event requirements entailed unveiling two fully constructed storage tanks and the ship to the media, ensuring the dignitaries and Shell senior management that was spread across cities and continents was a part of this live event, followed by a celebratory evening to mark the launch in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Hazira.

The Challenges:

  • Although the construction was complete, the storage facility was still just two huge concrete storage terminals. The challenge was to aesthetically present the terminals.
  • The unveiling also involved revealing the ship that had already docked 3 days prior to event and make it appear as if the docking had just taken place at the time of the launch.
  • The then Gujarat CM and the Union Minister for Petroleum, belonging to rival political parties were reluctant to be present on the same platform in the same city and yet had to be involved in the event as two key stakeholders in the project.
  • The Shell senior management did not have time to fly down to India for the launch due to work commitments and were spread across different time zones stretching from Australia to Europe.

The Solution:

  • As an event solution, it was decided to hold multiple press conferences across the cities where the dignitaries and management were placed.
  • The idea was to link up the cities through video conferences to ensure the live event flows on from one participant to the other across cities during the program in a coordinated and uninterrupted manner.
  • To find a video conferencing facility which was fail safe at that point of time meant hiring a satellite for the uplink, backed up with ISDN which in turn was backed up with pre-recorded video – all three perfectly synchronized.
  • An exclusive satellite was hired for a short duration of just 2 days by sourcing suppliers in India and abroad to find the right kind of satellite, whereas satellites are usually leased out only for long term durations like 10 to 20 years with the footprint of that satellite restricted to the respective continent.
  • The time zone differences were overcome by recreating office like set ups at the dignitaries’ homes.
  • The pre-recorded backup for the CM and the Petroleum Minister had to be recreated in the exact same manner as was to happen for the live telecast so that it seemed real in case a switch from the live feed to the pre-recorded backup was made during the event.
  • The unveiling of the ship, that had already docked 3 days earlier, was carried out by using a pre-recorded video of the actual docking of the ship and replaying it with sound effects on the day of the launch, to give a live feel to it.
  • The live telecast via VSAT link was backed up by live video conferencing in turn backed up by pre-recorded video with seamless transitions from one to the other if required during the event.
  • Ensuring that the dignitaries were cued in to the event time so that none of them had to wait was arranged by organizing filler performances on arrival of the dignitaries to their respective locations, without them having to wait for a program to commence.
  • Video mapping technology was used for the first time in India by using projections on terminal structures during the celebratory evening.
  • The celebratory evening was a perfect culmination to the launch and left the international delegation with a colourful feel good impression of the storage facility

The Impact:

  • A first of its kind event was created with flawless video transmission technology and sync.
  • All dignitaries were involved in the event in real time as desired by the client.
  • The docking of the ship was depicted like a live event versus the original scenario where it had already docked 3 days ago.
  • Video mapping ensured that the terminals looked beautiful as opposed to looking like mundane concrete structures.
  • The celebratory evening was taken to new heights with broadway musical artists flying down from US to perform at the occasion.
  • Substantial coverage in national and international media was generated over the launch of the facility.

“T.I.C. devised one of the most technologically advanced shows connecting several locations simultaneously” – SHELL


  • Project Name
    Shell Plant launch 2005
  • Client Name
  • Industry Name
    Oil & Gas
  • Project Type
    Product launch and Press Conference