Olympic Torch Relay, New Delhi

“India on the International Olympic Map”

The Olympic Torch Relay was coming to New Delhi, India as part of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. As the only agency short-listed to plan and coordinate all aspects of the one-day India-leg of the Olympic Torch Relay, the task at hand was to set up the entire 30 km long relay route including branding, viewing posts for spectators, celebrity coordination and security.

The Challenges:

  • Only one night was available to set up the entire branding and viewing points along the relay route starting at Qutub Minar and ending at India Gate.
  • We were required to put up almost 60,000 branding elements and 120 spectator stands across the route.
  • We coordinated the presence of 300 celebrities and sportspersons with each celebrity covering approximately 100 meters of the relay.
  • Pick-ups were coordinated with appropriate luxury cars across different hotels for all 300 celebrities running the relay.
  • We ensured that all 300 celebs reached their designated spot on the route sharp 10 minutes in advance and arranged for their refreshments as the Torch Relay could note afford to get delayed due to a delay in the arrival of the celebs.

The Solution:

  • 300 celebrities were coordinated for arrival at their respective relay positions in a manner so as to avoid extended waiting time for the celebrities by slowing down or speeding up their cars accordingly, depending on the arrival of the Torch for their respective leg of the relay.
  • Extensive branding was done along the route and the entire setup was accomplished within the limited time constraints by deploying ten times the usual manpower.
  • Arrangements like seating, refreshments and air cooling were made at every spectator stand for comfortable viewing by lakhs of people along the entire route.
  • Security and crowd management was done optimally as per internationally acclaimed standards.
  • School and college goers collected at the venue to cheer for the relay as buses were coordinated for their pick-ups and drops.

The Impact:

  • India did justice to its part of the Olympic Torch’s journey by maintaining the sanctity of the Olympic Flame throughout the relay.
  • The relay was conducted as per set protocols of the International Olympic Committee and a flawless event was executed in a very short span of time.
  • Extensive positive media coverage was generated with large audiences to view the relay.
  • The success of this event resulted in T.I.C. being nominated to handle the India-leg of the Asian Games Torch Relay as well.


  • Project Name
    Olympic Torch Relay
  • Client Name
    Government of India
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  • Project Type
    Live Artist Management