Nissan Terrano Dealers’ Test Drive Event


  • The house of Nissan was all set for the world debut of the Nissan Terrano, a premium compact SUV meant for Everyday, Everywhere driving.
  • A critical component in getting this debut right was to cater to the dealer principles of Nissan across India and ensure that they get the best possible experience with the Nissan Terrano through an Experiential Drive.
  • This is the constituent group that would decide how proactively the Nissan Terrano is pitched to prospective customers. Thus, the idea was to provide an exclusive test drive experience to the dealer-principles from across the country.

Client Expectation & Challenges:

  • The primary expectation was that every dealer should get a firsthand up-close and personal feel of the Nissan Terrano and its features. The air strip at Aamby Valley, as the chosen venue, provided the ideal exclusive location for conducting the test drives.
  • The weather was a bit tricky with rains and strong winds. But overall, the weather was very pleasant and added on to the overall scenic beauty of the venue.

Concept & Execution:

  • The core idea, the central theme for the Dealer Experiential Drive was “Drive 360 x 365” i.e. Drive 360 degrees, all around, on any terrain, embark on any adventure ….and Drive 365, across seasons, across the months, every day, be it work or leisure. This communication of Drive 360 x 365 was placed across the venue branding and was completely in sync with the whole experience that was designed for the dealers.
  • The location for the Dealer Experiential Drive for Nissan Terrano was chosen as the Aamby Valley. The air strip at the Aamby Valley amidst idyllic settings proved to be the perfect stretch for conducting the test drives.
  • The track was demarcated with traffic cones and promoters with red flags acting as human signals. Various conditions for testing the acceleration, braking, turning radius and other key features of the Nissan Terrano were simulated through diversions and tactile road elements to accentuate the performance of the car.
  • An expert instructor was roped in to brief the dealers before the test drive and moderate the speeds, bends, accelerations and brakes during the test drives.
  • 100 dealers from across the country arrived at the Aamby Valley in three batches of luxury coaches.
  • With the breathtaking views surrounding the air strip and the clearly defined operational spaces and track, venue and the feel of the event was taken to another level.
  • The dealers were first given a proper briefing on the safety features and precautions related to the drive by the expert instructor using a map showcasing the layout of the air strip. The dealers were then sub-divided into batches of 16 and taken to the four Nissan Terranos that awaited the first set of users of the car. With each car connected via a walkie-talkie to the Lead Car that was driven by the instructor, all the cars at any point of time were in sync and within the pre-identified parameters of the test drive.
  • The dealers took turns in taking the wheel and in a well managed, well time operation, each dealer got the opportunity to drive the Nissan Terrano personally across the test track.
  • It was made sure that each of the dealers shared their feedback and insights through feedback forms for the Nissan Terrano.
  • The evening event saw the dealers let their hair loose and enjoy some fun filled interactive games with the MC. Impromptu performances by the dealers and staff transformed the whole atmosphere into one of bonhomie and enjoyment. International dancers set the stage on fire with performances ranging from Belly Dancing to Bollywood. The evening culminated with the DJ taking over the proceedings as the guests danced away into the night.

Amplification & Scale:

The air strip at the Aamby Valley, Lonavla was the location for the test drive. The test drives took place on 21 August 2013 followed by evening entertainment and dinner. The next day was concluded by a morning workshop on Datsun followed by departures.


The Dealer Experiential Drive for the Nissan Terrano was received extremely well by all the guests who departed the venue the next day with some wonderful memories and experiences associated with the Nissan Terrano. The client was very pleased with the overall event and with the feedback received from their dealers.

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    Nissan Terrano Dealers' meet
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