Nissan Evalia Launch


The launch required to reflect the basic ethos of Nissan – Innovation that Excites. Nissan is known internationally for the technology and innovation that they bring to the product and how they like to delight their customers with game changing vehicles in both price and technology. The central communication message for the Nissan Evalia was “Moves Like Music” so T.I.C. was expected to plan an innovative launch capsule that reflected the innovation as well as the central communication of “Moves Like Music” for this event.

Expectations from T.I.C.:

Introduce a unique concept by integrating creativity with technology.

T.I.C. thought of a Novel Concept:

  • The stage was designed to accommodate two cars entering during the launch.
  • For the first time, an LED screen was used to create a floor along with a screen.
  • A special tune was composed using just piano notes and beats. A sequence was choreographed using 6 cast members representing different characters from the TG in their 30s.
  • An AV was produced using this choreographed sequence on the especially composed tune. The concept of the AV was to relate the dancing moves of the cast with the piano’s musical notes and the features of the car.
  • Live on stage, the LED screen extended onto the floor of the stage. The floor part of the LED screen became the piano with 7 keys symbolizing 7 features of the Nissan Evalia. The act began with a live artist (formal executive) walking onto the stage and stumbling upon the first key. The moment he steps on it, the first key glows and emits a musical note. He looks intrigued and jumps on the next key that again does the same thing. He begins a quick dance routine and is soon joined by another character on the screen behind him – all the remaining characters are not live but appear on the AV one after the other.
  • The moment the second character appeared on the AV, the wheels of the Evalia appeared on screen and began turning and emitted musical notes. These musical notes formed the outline of the car and continued to pulsate as the remaining characters appeared on the screen one after the other.
  • All this while, the piano keys on the LED floor continue to glow corresponding to the dance moves and tapping feet of the cast.
  • Each cast member revealed one or two key features of the car that settled on top of the LED screen.
  • The performance culminated in a crescendo when the entire cast vanished from the screen and the live artist exited stage as musical notes came together to form the Nissan Evalia logo on the screen in a brief moment of pause in the music.
  • At this point, the music resumed with a bang as the sliding doors opened and two Nissan Evalia cars were driven on stage in a grand unveil for the audience.


  • The live artist dancing on an LED screen floor made to look like a larger than life piano simulated the exact impact that was desired as part of the brief.
  • The live artist with the cast in the AV on the screen created an interesting visual interaction and sync. The same concept with adapted audio visual with all the characters created by T.I.C. will be taken forward for the regional launches in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.
  • Thus, the concept and its execution ensured that innovation in technology as well as the “Moves Like Music” message for the Nissan Evalia was aptly conveyed to the audience.




  • Project Name
    Nissan Evalia launch
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    Product launch and Press Conference