New Holland Vishwa Vijeyta Roadshow

New Holland tractors are known for their technological superiority across the world. An activation campaign was envisaged to showcase the two flagship tractors of New Holland and explain their technological edge versus their contemporaries by reaching out to lakhs of farmers, dealers and stakeholders across India.

The Challenges:

  • To execute this mobile exhibition event across hundreds of districts and villages over a span of six months, budget constraints were to be kept in mind.
  • We had to optimize the maximum number of touch points to be covered in a day across villages.
  • Transporting the tractor that weighed almost 5 tons, 4mtrs long and 2.5 meters high from one village to another without damaging any of its components was a challenge.
  • The idea was to make it interesting and appealing to draw attention of regional audiences to a technologically advanced product.

The Solution:

  • A road show was suggested instead of an exhibition for the client to optimize reach.
  • Two separate floats were coordinated with one tractor each for the roadshow.
  • A special float, 40 ft long, was designed with collapsible platform extensions and stairs.
  • We overcome weather changes by carefully adopting a pre-planned specific route for the road show and at the same time, managing travel through narrow and bad roads through villages across India.
  • The road show was developed into a proper event of sorts at each touch point.
  • Mimicry artists performed in regional languages to attract local audiences and convey the unique product features.
  • A special fabrication team traveled with the road show to manage the conversion of the road show into a proper show through collapsible structures for generating a better touch and feel opportunity for local audiences.

The Impact:

  • An initially intended six-month campaign was extended to one year in view of the tremendous positive response that the campaign received across India.
  • 676 districts covered over a span of one year.
  • By conducting a cost effective road show and reaching out to over 1cr farmers, huge savings achieved for the client versus spending on separate events across locations with great return on investments and increase in sales.
  • Project Name
    New Holland Vishwa Vijeyta Campaign
  • Client Name
    New Holland
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