New Holland Dealers’ Meet Dubai

The NHFI Dealer Conference is the highest Annual acclaim for any Dealer associated with New Holland. This is the landmark and a highly coveted international convention at New Holland.

T.I.C. Delivered:

T.I.C. selected Dubai for the Conference because of two reasons:

  • In Dubai one can see dusty traditional villages as well as fantastically luxurious residential districts, or visit rugged mountains and majestic sand dunes only a few miles from pristine sandy beaches and lush green parks
  • Tourists can wander through Dubai’s traditional market places or visit some of the largest and most modern indoor shopping malls in the world
  • Pre Event: Two Weeks prior to Departure, Teaser mailer,E –Invite, Guide book having info of Dubai as a destinations, Hotel details, Transfers, Helpline no’s . Etc. , Ticket Jacket,Baggage Tags etc was sent.

At the event:

  • Entire hospitality and event was done by T.I.C.
  • Customized Registration Desk at the Hotel served as a Check In counter for express Check Ins. Personalized Welcome dockets were given to all guests on registration
  • All the guests were welcomed with Diyafat and Fuwallat (sweets and dishes)
  • Local musicians welcomed all
  • At awards Night, guests were greeted by an array of lighting effects, lavish table décor with the highlight being the stunning stage.
  • Awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the Emcee and the New Holland team in order to make it more personalized for the TG to remember the night as an unforgettable experience.
  • Entertainment during the course of the evening made sure that the monotony was broken and everyone enjoyed as they let their hair down.
  • Personalized tours were arranged for guests for Desert Safari.
  • Arabian sweets like – Baklawah & Kanafa makes a perfect departing gift to carry forward a sweet memories back with them
  • Project Name
    New Holland Dealers' Meet
  • Client Name
    New Holland
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Mice / Travel