Nestle Nutrition Launch in 4 Cities

Nestle entered the Maternal Nutrition category with the brand BABY & ME. Nestlé has always given emphasis on the importance of nutrition through the journey of motherhood right from conception to infancy, till the age of 2 years. In light of this, Nestle planned to renovate their existing brands & introduce some new brands which were about to launch in the market.

Desired objective:
To create an event which generated enough hype and an activity that motivated the sales forces in taking the product into the market. The objective was to encourage as well as engage the Sales Team who spend almost 90-95% of their time in the field.

Brand Objective and positioning:

Build a launch event that is impactful & memorable for sales & nutrition teams therefore develop the creative idea around the theme of ‘1000 days” in such a manner that the excitement is maintained throughout.

T.I.C. Deliverables:
• Keeping the theme in mind, T.I.C. came up with the idea of “The First Thousand Days: Revisiting the Journey” and the concept presented was a Book of The First 1000 days. These 1000 Days were centre of the entire event, which were 270 days of Pregnancy, 365 Days for the 1st Year of Infancy, and another 365 Days for the Second Year of Infancy. An overararching emotional Connect brought together a few personal moments from select people from within the attending sales forces, and linked it to their childhood to add value to the entire event. The book for the 1000 Days Journey was created and Revealed on stage.
• Tagline suggested was 1000 Challenges – Tougher By The Day!
• The Entire event was stitched through connecting these 3 chapters of the 1000 Days Book and the theme Innovations and Renovations were launched categorized into the following chapters:
Each category looked at a different approach of disseminating the communication and launching the products. This categorization ensured that a thematic link was created and the enthusiasm reached an all time high. Nestle Nutrition’s key messages were included all along.
• Related AVs were also played at the event to corroborate the messages.

Result: The event took place across 4 metro cities and was rated by the client as highly impactful.

  • Project Name
    Nestle Nutrition Launch in 4 Cities
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    Press and Product Launch