Maruti Zen Estilo launch

The New Zen Estilo features:

  • A piece of design par excellence, with an aesthetic appeal beyond compare, it was indeed a style statement.
  • Designed to tinker the fashionable side of people and titillate their desire to possess this beautiful piece of work, Zen Estilo was touted to be a creation inspired by the fashionable youth of today.

Concept :

  • A concept that arouses a strong curiosity, interest or reaction… personifies a sense of style, an attitude and the substance that gives you an edge and makes stand out in a crowd.

T.I.C. Deliverables:

  • So in order to unleash this marvel T.I.C. created a platform that did justice to its stylish and classy imagery. Therefore the entire flow of the event was given an amalgamation of two distinct aspects:
  • Numerous facets of contemporary lifestyle and Aesthetic appeal (Design and Colours) and the most apt link to tie both these aspects together was fashion. A fashion choreography that could display the numerous facets and distinct moods of new age lifestyle was planned. Each mood portrayed a different environment, a different spirit and of course a different looks. These moods created with reference to the five unique colors of this latest vehicle. These colours were then combined together to unleash the future of style , the new style statement , unveiling Maruti’s newest offering – Zen Estilo.
  • Tagline suggested by T.I.C. – ‘Where Contemporary lifestyle meets aesthetic appeal, where elegance meets technology, where style meets substance – a new style statement takes shape, a new journey begins, a new journey with Zen Estilo.’
  • The theme was showcased at the entrance gate as the panels keep changing colours.
  • Post 5 fashion choreographed sequences, the front AV screen splits open to unveil the real style which was Zen Estilo. A bright red style statement was shown to the audience and the area was lit in red colour.
  • The focus moves on to the second stage. A choreographed dance performance showcasing different people from different walks of life gaining success, winning great recognition was displayed. The whole area was lit in yellow…A Brilliant yellow car was seen revealed from the curtain.
  • Similarly the third stage with choreographed sequence with people in sporty attires in different shades of green showcased. The choreography was designed like a golfing get together and area was lit in olive Green and an Olive Green Car entered.
  • The focus moves on to the fourth stage where the fashion performers depict the theme – showcase a combination of serene peaceful and meditative look combined with colorful beach wear – all in blue and a blue Car was revealed.
  • The focus now was on last stage where the performance happens on the salsa with colorful red colours.

Result :

An overwhelming response and client appreciation.

  • Project Name
    Maruti Zen Estilo launch
  • Client Name
    Maruti Zen Estilo
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Product launch and Press Conference