Maruti A Star Launch


  • Launch of a new Maruti car ‘A Star’ in the A2 segment.
  • Create curiosity amongst the ambitious, daring and talented youth.
  • Establish the concept of Maruti A Star as a car that provides the thrill of adventure and the feeling of being successful

Maruti A Star – Birth of a Star- is a launch platform that aims at giving birth to :

  • A community that drives India
  • A car that drives him.
  • Both the entities are inter-related with one strong messaging which finally brings the launch concept alive.

The Creative Strategy adapted by T.I.C.:

  • Before the launch program T.I.C. creating a unique pre teaser campaign that essentially captures the concept of ‘Birth of a star’. T.I.C. created a unique backdrop in public places with an image of the solar system and at the centre a huge telescope mounted on it. TG was offered an opportunity to look through the telescope where an interesting teaser of the film was waiting for them. The visiting TG got special pass for an exclusive preview of the ‘A Star’.
  • At the ‘D’ day of launch, the stage was kept in secrets and on a predefined time the stage came alive with hydraulics lifting the entire structure which was a pleasant surprise for the audience
  • Amidst all the glaze, A star was launched followed by the theme Rap song ‘ I am a Star and I want A star ‘ performed by Blaaze.
  • For the first time ever in India a 3D film was used to showcased the car, its features and the concept


Client was very happy as for the first time any company has used 3D animation to showcase a product

  • Project Name
    Maruti A Star launch
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  • Project Type
    Product launch and Press Conference