LG Jazz Mall Activations

The latest entrant into the high end plasma TV space, LG JAZZ, was to be promoted through a creatively unique concept in order to convey the core product proposition – “Music that moves you”. The mandate was to develop the activation concept using available resources creatively for a cost effective and unique campaign.

The Challenges:

  • Develop a concept to promote a product in a highly cluttered and competitive market
  • Develop an innovative application for the product so as to break the clutter and shine through
  • Make everyone take notice

The Solution:

  • The “virtual orchestra” activation was designed for the mall activation campaign for LG JAZZ TV
  • Various plasma TVs were placed within the stall with each TV representing a particular musical instrument (western classical)
  • The lead TV in the front represented the orchestra conductor
  • The entire event was designed as a live orchestra presentation
  • Each TV screen came to life with visuals of its respective musical instrument tone being played by a female musician
  • Similarly, all musical instruments were recorded showing female musicians playing them
  • All the TV screens came to life like a symphony playing virtually
  • This became an audio visual delight for the people at the malls

The Impact:

  • A creative application using the existing technology was devised to meet the objective
  • This was a first of its kind event to display such a product in the market and communicate the core product proposition convincingly


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    LG Jazz Mall activations
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