LG 3D Gaming Festival


  • To promote the superiority of CINEMA 3D by providing first-hand experience via 3D gaming
  • Create excitement about the next buzzword in technology ‘ 3D Gaming’
  • Promote the presence & Experience of LG Cinema 3D
  • Professional Hi-End gaming championship creates LG leadership in 3D TVs

T.I.C. deliverables:

  • T.I.C. suggested a 3D Gaming carnival in key metro cities (as 60% 3D Market Contribution is in 5 Cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai)
  • Pre hype included ATL: Online & Radio (Partnered with Radio Channel to promote Game Festival Exclusively and promotion on Gamer Networks via Microsoft Support)
  • BTL: Store & Activations (Co Branded POS for Stores, School Activation: Tap into younger TG to experience Cinema 3D and College Cafeteria’s )
  • Social Media : Engage followers on Facebook & Twitters, created Microsite for Virtual Tour of Event and special Preview for Blogrolls)
  • T.I.C. suggested the product line : Get Set To Game In The Next Dimension, which was so much liked by LG that they kept the tagline for other promotions for the same product as well
  • T.I.C. organized gaming festival in various malls in the cities where the entire setup which included main stage area, 3D cinema experience zone, serious gaming zone, amateur gaming zone and registration zone.
  • As the TG entered the premises of the mall, they were welcomed by a LG Cinema 3D Arch Gate. As they make their way across to the LG Cinema 3D Display, they were greeted by the Hostess with a message “ Welcome to the next generation of home entertainment. Welcome to a world brought to life by the LG Cinema 3D TV…” Once we had good number of people inside the experience zone, few customers were directed to 2D to 3D gaming Zone to experience 3D gaming powered by LG’s 2D to 3D conversion. Once they have experienced the gaming, the promoter direct them to Comfortable Glasses zone where the promoters showcased the ease and comfort of the LG Cinema 3D Glasses.
  • To maintain a flow with the TG, the promoter guided the customers onto the “Flicker Free” zone to better show the advantage that LG possesses over other 3D TVs in this regard. Finally the promoter shows the power of LG Cinema 3D TV as a smart TV.
  • 4 Games were displayed Kinect Sports, Kinect Disney, Kinect Forza and Kinect Adventure. At the venue T.I.C. organized product inspired fashion show, with top-line models in cutting-edge outfits and looks styled wearing 3D glasses. Models were accompanied by Game Characters.
  • There were entertainment and engagement activities like Rock band performances, Celebrity appearance etc.


  • More than 5 lacs of footfall with more than 2 lacs organic contacts generated within a period of 1 month.
  • Internet was flooded with consumer reviews and it was the most searched event that month.
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    LG 3 D Gaming Festival
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