Honda Stall at IETF

Objective: To create an impactful event for Honda and to gain maximum attraction.

T.I.C. Deliverables:
• It was T.I.C.’s first ever participation in an exhibition, so it was first T.I.C. stall.
• The size of the stall was approx 600 sq mtr. For this stall, first time ever LED screens were used in India which we got imported from Singapore as it wasn’t available in India.
• Apart from that the biggest challenge was to manage the logistics of Honda Asimo robot as he was also venturing into India market for the first time.
• Asimo was one of its own kinds and it was first time in India that India has seen a walking, talking Robot, which attracted a huge crowd.

Result: The success of this event laid the foundation of Honda and T.I.C. relationship which continued through years.

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    Honda Stall at IETF
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