Goodyear Radial Tyre Launch

Goodyear was launching “World Tyre”, a first of its kind product in India, for dealers. An innovative event platform was required to influence the dealers to take up the new tyre and put in extra efforts to push sales. An interesting alternative to the usual product presentation had to be devised in order to convey the product story and information.

The Challenges:

  • The task was to convey a product story in a manner that was not the run-of-the-mill product presentation or AV that the dealers were jaded with at every product launch and catch their attention with the launch mechanism.
  • Reinforce the fact that a tyre meant for a developed market was being launched in India simultaneously with the worldwide launch as a selling point for the dealers.
  • One of the important missions was also to generate good return on investment for the client by ensuring a sales push through the event.

The Solution:

  • We decided to develop a story to be told through an unconventional medium and suggested roping in the then reigning Miss World, Yukta Mookhey, in relation to the “World Tyre” launch and convincing the Miss World Governing Body to allow her participation, which in itself was a tough task.
  • Multiple moving backdrops and projectors were used for the first time in India to create a live movie experience for the audience.
  • A first of its kind stage was created with six backdrops of different visuals and projections aligned back to back.
  • The event was so different in concept and execution that even the local production vendors were educated on the possibilities of applying their existing resources and technologies creatively to create a never-seen-before impact.

The Impact:

  • The event helped push sales by impressing the dealers in an innovative fashion.
  • We used existing available technology to come up with an unconventional product experience for the audience to optimize the return on investment for the client.
  • The press preview before the dealer launch resulted in extensive media coverage for the new tyre through this innovative launch event.
  • Project Name
    Goodyear Radial Tyre launch
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    Product launch