Dell Direct Launch

“Introducing Surface Projections on Curved Surfaces”

Dell Direct and Michael dell were debuting in India. An impactful launch was on the cards for Dell Computers arriving in India and introducing Michael Dell, an icon at the time, and generating extensive media coverage for the event.

The Challenges:

  • Doing justice to the image of the company by executing the event flawlessly and thus nullifying the need for the client to fly down an international event agency at that time was a must.
  • We had to design the event in a manner that did not risk the safety of Michael Dell and at the same time use innovative technology for the launch that suited the image of the company and the world’s youngest billionaire at that time.
  • We aimed to introduce Michael Dell in a manner that would create a unique media moment.

The Solution:

  • For the first time in India, surface projections were used on a curved dome structure to launch Michael Dell.
  • A dummy setup was created two months in advance replicating the event setup and an international crew was flown down to test the safety features of the dome setup to launch Michael Dell.
  • The available projection technologies at that time were applied in an innovative manner by encouraging vendors to explore possibilities of their existing resources to project on curved surfaces for the first time in India.

The Impact:

  • Thought leadership was depicted for the brand via technology used at the event.
  • A precedent was set for using surface projections in India.
  • Extensive media coverage for Dell Computers and Michael Dell was generated via an impactful launch.
  • Return on experience and investment for the client was achieved.
  • Project Name
    Dell Launch
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  • Project Type
    Product launch and Press Conference