Corvette C6 and Chevrolet SSR Road show


  • To launch General Motors next generation Vehicles
  • To showcase their technological strength/ might they got these cars in India. The objective was never to sell but to show what they were capable of. For the same company invited various agencies for concept presentation. The only one who got the contract was T.I.C. because of its excellence.
  • General Motors was launching its next gen cars so the launch pad required sensation across the country. India tour was planned and auctioned / accomplished/effectuated for GM’s next generation vehicles i.e. Corvette C6 and Chevrolet SSR keeping in mind the sensitive subject/situation.

T.I.C. Deliverables:

  • T.I.C. suggested Corvette C6 and Chevrolet SSR cars to be imported from U.S.A. in India by General Motors.
  • All walls in the container were padded.
  • Only one driver was chosen to manage this car for the entire duration and all the drivers had to wear gloves in order to avoid scratches or dust.
  • Special ramp was created for getting these cars inside and taking outside the containers.
  • Security measures were taken to ensure that audience could not touch the car.
  • The agency fabricated a container based on international standard, keeping all the security measures in time. This container travelled all the GM showrooms across the country.
  • This 40 feet walloping CARAVAN traveled PAN INDIA covering 13 cities over a period of seven and a half months.


T.I.C. became trusty partner for General Motors

  • Project Name
    Corvette C6 and Chevrolet SSR Road show
  • Client Name
    General Motors
  • Industry Name
  • Project Type
    Activations, Roadshow