Cornucopia Inter-School Western Music Competition

“The First Talent Hunt Show in India”

The Challenges:

  • The task at hand was to come up with a property that had mass appeal.
  • Convincing potential stakeholders and partners that annual event properties were the way to go for increasing their reach across their TG.
  • Create the right kind of event that would draw genuine participation and interest along with a legacy value for year-on-year sustenance.

The Solution:

  • Tap youth as a potential audience at a time when there were no specific event properties for them.
  • Tapping the untapped genre of western music we reached out to the youth .  The young talent was just being introduced to and drawn towards western culture through television channels like MTV was targeted.
  • We managed to convince schools to let children participate in a commercial event and sponsors to invest huge monies in a relatively new concept for an untapped audience segment.
  • School performances were scheduled during the day in a manner that did not intrude into the children’s school time. At the same time did not require them to be out of their homes very late during the day, so that the children could perform and their schoolmates could come to cheer them.
  • The event was timed so that schedule of exams of different schools did not deter their participation in the event.
  • First time in India concept of media partners was introduced which increased returns and mileage for sponsors.
  • India’s first laser sound and light show was organized as part of Cornucopia (‘94) at the Indira Gandhi International Stadium

The Impact:

  • A sustainable property was created with huge returns for sponsors.
  • A loyal fan following got established among the participating schools over the years.
  • A precedent was set for future music contests and talent hunts on such a scale.
  • With a reach to lakh students in all participating schools over a period of one month besides the live audience of over 30,000 school children attending the grand finale, we generated excellent exposure for the sponsors.
  • A platform for identifying genuine talent was created with the event becoming the launching pad for many names who went on to become some of the most famous artists in their fields – Euphoria, Raghav Sachar, Gaurav Kapoor and Anamika to name a few.
  • As a take off from this event, another property “Mr. & Ms. High School” was launched for the same target audience which also became very popular over the years.



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